About Us

Get to know about CIAF Holding

CIAF Holding was established in October, 2008 as a joint stock company under the law No.95 of 1992 of the Capital Market. The Company’s authorized Capital is EGP 2.5 billion and the paid-in Capital is EGP 500 million.
CIAF Holding’ acts as the investment arm of the Egyptian civil aviation sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide advisory services and provide support to our sister or subsidiary companies. CIAF Holding is also keen to search for available investment opportunities that are economically feasible, especially those that enable greater integration within the civil aviation sector. CIAF Holding’s mission is to define the general features of investing available resources in a way that balances the return and the degree of risk related to the investment, by creating an investment portfolio that is characterized by diversity and distance from concentration. CIAF Holding’s mission is based on three axes related to its main activities, which are licensed to be carried out by the Financial Regulatory Authority:
• Establishing investment funds that achieve a distinguished return.
• Short-term, low-risk investments represented in treasury bills, treasury bonds, and corporate bonds with high creditworthiness.
• Establishing new partnerships in various medium- to long-term investment areas.
• Continue to follow up on the financial restructuring of investee companies to convert losses into profits.
• Maintaining the company’s appropriate liquidity to cover its obligations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to focus on being the investment arm of the civil aviation sector in Egypt and thoroughly the need to achieve consistency between its various investments in a way that serves the integration of civil aviation and airport activities and maximizes the return on funds.